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Israeli Innovation Lab is one of the few factories that offer private label production from the concept stage to the finished product packaging stage, all services under one roof.

Let our experienced team accompany you through the entire process without you having to worry about the difficulties that may accompany anyone in trying to bring a private label to market. With us the process will be easy and pleasant

R & D

Our chemists make sure to keep abreast of global trends and the latest innovations through research analysis and attendance at beauty exhibitions in Israel and around the world in order to produce for the client the most advanced formula.
The development is done using the most professional equipment and by an experienced and skilled team i
n cooperation with the customer in order to reach the desired finished product

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We assist in the process of issuing approvals from the Ministry of Health and maintain a high level of quality control at every stage of the product production process in order to assess its quality before delivering it to the customer.


Logo design and branding

The private label must be prominent and attractive enough, together we will think deeply about the creative and help choose the right packaging for the product.

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Filling & packaging

We provide filling and packaging solutions 
and offer a wide range of packaging solutions while maintaining a sterile work environment and in accordance with standards

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