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O3 – Ozone is a natural gas, also known as active oxygen. It surrounds the plant and protects us from uv radiation and contamination. Ozone is the strongest sterile sanitizer, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that exists in nature. It can destroy viruses, germs and fungal that comes in contact with it, without hurting healthy cells.
In the medicine world, Ozone is used in the last 100 years, especially in injuries such as burns, bad wounds and infections. All the company products are based on O3, also known as Ozone. The benefits of Ozone include strong anti – bacterial effect, balancing the immune system and rejuvenation of damaged tissue. The company has a wide range of products, designated to help a wide range of conditions: Diabetes, Psoriasis, Skin Asthma, cuts, and bruises. Our target markets: 1. Diabetes patients.
2. Senior citizens – retirement homes, long-term care patients, pressure sores.
3. customers with various skin condition. 4. Families – Ozone can replace antiseptic ointment. The company values reflect our first and foremost concern – the wellbeing of our customers. We can help our customers maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle with our unique products. Whilst other companies use the O3 technology in their
products, we take the advantage of Ozone the extra mile, making a real difference in people's life.

Taping a shoulder wound


03 Skin Recovery

Active ointment based on anti-inflammatory
products. The unique technology creates a powerful
balm, for the treatment of hard healing wound. The flow
of oxygen to the tissues helps the body cure itself.


03 Foot Cream

O3 technology foot cream, aim to treat
eczema, itching and fungal infections. The combination
of anti-fungal oils with Ozone produces a cream that can
rejuvenate and heal the skin.



03 Pain Relief

An ointment for muscle, joins and
rheumatic pains. Use when needed along with a
massage on the desired area, will speed up the healing


03 First Aid

This wonder cream, a "must" in every home,
this cream is the ultimate first aid: cuts, bruises,
sunburns, skin fungal, viral warts. The cream is based on
anti-inflammatory O3 technology, for day-to-day use,
from the age of 2 to 120.




Gentle Face Soap.


Face Cleanser. 


Face Mask.


Face Cream.

03 Free Blemish Fix

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